DJ Xcell Bio Shot.JPG

Aaron Johnson (DJ Xcell)

DJ Xcell was raised in the small city of Milledgeville, Ga. A bit of a tech nerd, he works with computers and other form of technology, but he has been a fan of music since he was a child. Music is something that he saw at a young age that brings people together in a moment. When you think about it, its a universal language that everyone speaks. He has been dealing with the music language in many forms including creating and engineering playlist for radio shows, producing beats, and making tracks of his own. Music allows people to express themselves at that instant, whether its by singing or by moving. It allows the mood to be set in a room that everyone can vibe to. DJ Xcell wants to be the individual that brings that expression, that vibe, out in the front lines at your event. He wants to bring people together with the universal language. Its about the experience you encounter when you hear the melody of a song that you cant help but nod your head, tap your feet, or get up and dance to. DJ Xcell speaks the language that everyone understands.